Wolfe Creative LA | UH Manoa BFA Portfolio Show 2018
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UH Manoa BFA Portfolio Show 2018

UH Manoa BFA Portfolio Show 2018

My two year journey with the UH Manoa Graphic Design department came to an end this weekend with our final event, the BFA Portfolio Showcase! It was a great night surrounded by my classmates, friends, family and professors. The night was a blur but so much fun to finally have the platform to present my work to the design community here in Honolulu. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and to Aaron Lee for these awesome shots of my work!

Our show titled Proximity was based on the idea that Honolulu is a hub for design and creatives in general. There is a nearness in space, time, and relationship that allow for ideas and creations to circulate between individuals which cultivate original, innovative and unique designs. The show took place at Lana Lane studios in Kaka’ako which exists as one of these creative hubs in the heart of Honolulu.

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